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21mm A + C compound wheel for road width with a lightweight, rigid advantage and aluminum heat dissipation. With the advantages of wear-resistant carbon fiber cover on aluminum braking surface. Better flexibility. To achieve a full range of needs.

Carbon fiber + aluminum alloy composite design. Possessing high shock-absorbing capacity, besides, owns high rigidity structure, lightweight and heat dissipation at the same time.


Material:Carbon(12K、3K、UD) + Aluminum(Ally Break Surface cover with Carbon Fiber) 



Weight:570 ±15g

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We manufacture, supply and export Carbon Alloy Wheelset which are manufactured with the best quality materials and are offered as per client specifications in Taiwan. Our products are customized as per the client specific requirements in various thicknesses, lengths and sizes. Equipped with high end facilities and a team of highly qualified and experience professional MEGA COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. thrives to deliver the best of quality at the most affordable cost.

Our Carbon Alloy Wheelset match the stringent quality norms of the international market. Quality is something we take in our stride, for it is an inseparable part of right conduct and work ethics. Our quality standards act as a bench mark for the entire industry.

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