Lever / ODM

the high end carbon lever are for the extraordinary brake system and shift system. Different design for MTB bike brake lever, shift system for road bike and E-bike, increase the value by upgrade the brake system by carbon lever.


road carbon lever, MTB lever, brake lever

Customs Design & Manufacture for MTB/TT/Road Brake system Unique clad continuous fiber foaming, Realizing incredible stiffness with minimum weight, significatntly sense of comfort with durable strength Contact us for more information.

road carbon lever, MTB carbon lever, brake levermetal lever, brake lever

★The Strength & Rigidity are 50% higher than Metal
★The lighter 50% than Metal
★Unique 3D clad continuous fiber forming technology
★The forming holes no process cutting ameliorate strength
★Customized structure designed & production
★The value of products UP 30%~40% more